Farewell Fiesta! Last Ford Fiesta built today, marking the end of Britain’s favourite car

Today marks the end of a 47-year production run of one of the greatest automotive names of the modern era: the Ford Fiesta.

It's Britain's most bought car of all time, with 4.8 million sales in the UK, and over 22 million globally!

First introduced in 1976, the reliable runaround has spanned seven generations, and has topped Britain’s annual sales chart sixteen times, beating the Cortina and Escort to the overall top spot: the nation’s all-time favourite model.

With over 1.5million registered keepers on record in 2022, it is the most common car on our roads today and remains a staple of Britain's streets. In a recent survey conducted by Auto Trader, it found that more than one in five (22 per cent) of drivers said they passed their test first time in a Fiesta.

So, given its evident popularity, why are Ford stopping production?

The choice to cull the legendary name comes as the company embarks on the next phase of its transition to electric cars.

By mid-2026, bosses want every Ford in showrooms in the UK and across Europe to be either fully electric or plug-in hybrid. And by 2030 - the date the UK Government intends to outlaw the sale of new petrol and diesel cars - its showrooms will exclusively sell EVs.

'At Ford in Europe, we are rapidly transitioning to an electric future.’

'Everyone in the country has either owned a Fiesta or knows someone who does, so it's a sad farewell to the nation's car next door.'

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