Our Crayola Competition Champion

What happens when you let the nation’s children put crayon to paper to reimagine their very own MINI Electric?

Well, as part of our partnership with Crayola, we launched the ‘MINI Minds … with Crayola’ competition, and we’ve been absolutely blown away by the entries we’ve received. 

And now, after much deliberation, we’re very happy to announce that we have a winner!

From across the UK, we asked children aged 4-10 to unleash their creative prowess, and the entries prove that imagination and vision among our little designers is not in short supply. 

Our winner, Oliver Gorrod from Oxfordshire, drew the MINI Electric with half a zoo and colourful flowers on it. 

This not only looks beautiful, but also serves a purpose, with the nine-year-old stating “the camouflage will help the car to blend in or stand out whenever it’s traveling or parked”. 

It is also important to him that the car is electric, “as they are better for the environment and the planet, animals and plants.” This idea was so convincing that Oliver was chosen as the competition champion. 


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