Meet Team Force Horizon: rowing the Atlantic Ocean on behalf of the Jon Egging Trust

We're proud to be supporting Team Force Horizon - read more about the incredible challenge that lies ahead of them!

Yesterday we met with Chris Ambler - one half of Team Force Horizon, alongside high school friend, Kip Wells. The pair have taken on the incredible task of rowing 3000 miles across the Atlantic Ocean, as part of the Talisker Whisky Atlantic Challenge.

The dynamic duo are taking on the challenge to raise money for the Jon Egging Trust (JET). They are both passionate about how their goals align with JET’s mission to empower vulnerable youth and equip them with vital life skills for success, inspiring young people to fulfil their potential through self-belief and resilience.

As a serving member of the Royal Air Force (based at RAF Waddington, not far from us!), Kip is confident that his resilience and training will help him immensely while out in the ocean. Chris is an ex-firefighter, now working on oil and gas projects in Tanzania, where the lack of consistent electricity and equipment is making for some interesting training routines!

The aptly-named “World’s Toughest Row”, taking place in December 2025, will test their limits both physically and mentally. The race sees rowers from all backgrounds undertake the gruelling 3000-mile unsupported crossing, navigating shark-infested waters, battling storms, and squeezing into a 20ft x 5ft rowing boat for over a month – we’re proud to support Force Horizon in their ambitious adventure!

More people have summited Everest than attempted to row an ocean, and of the 938 row attempts, only 282 have been successful. Talk about going the extra nautical mile!

Want to get involved? Don’t worry – you don’t have to row the Atlantic. You can donate through their GoFundMe… or join the exclusive 250 Club! Members get branded merch, tickets to several high-profile events, and names and messages displayed across social media, websites, and the boat itself.

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All the best to Kip and Chris!!

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